Pursuant to M.G.L. ch. 138, §19C, a farmer-brewer is authorized to sell directly to licensed wholesalers, manufacturers, or retailers, as well as sell by the bottle or can if the brewer produced those beverages. A farmer-brewer may not sell any beverages at retail that were not produced by the brewer or produced for the brewer and sold under the brewery name. Holders of farmer-brewery licenses, may apply for a Farmer Series Pouring Permit which allows the Farmer Brewer to pour on-premise for sale and sampling to the public its own brewed beer. The Farmer Series Pouring Permit follows the same process as retail pouring licenses in that they have to be approved by the local licensing authority for the town or city where the business is to be located.

The intent of the farmer-brewer license type is to promote local agriculture and development by requiring a percentage of the ingredients used in the manufacturing or blending process to be local ingredients, whether grown by the brewery itself or purchased from farms located within Massachusetts.