Dear Maynard Residents,

I am writing to you in support of the proposed zoning amendments to allow for a farmer brewery and taproom in the central business district, as well as the affiliated measures to allow for microwinery/microdistillery and cocktail lounge.

I have traveled the country over the past 10 years visiting small, community based and farm breweries, and have personally witnessed the community draw and support that can come from this type of business. Unlike larger commercial breweries with national and regional distribution, these smaller farmer and nano breweries focus primarily on selling to consumers directly from their location, for consumption on premises and retail sales to go. A true farmer brewery with taproom in town can help to increase consumer draw from nearby communities, as well as beer tourism, generating additional interest and revenue in the town. 

Many, many years ago, taverns and taprooms were community meeting places. They were the heart and the lifeblood for community activism and cultural development.

Unlike barrooms, farmer breweries only serve their own beer, hold limited hours, and are generally considered family friendly establishments. Additionally, licensing requirements at the state level greatly encourage farmer breweries to use a substantial portion of locally grown materials, which helps to build upon the growing “eat local, shop local” market, and creates a product with a true sense of place.

Licensing requirements at both the state and federal levels are unique for these small entities, setting in place regulations that are vastly different from the large commercial manufacturers and distributors. The state regulations in particular encourage local support, community involvement, and are beneficial in the setup and growth of a new business.

Our vision is to open a locally supported farmer brewery and taproom in Downtown Maynard, with partnerships from local purveyors to provide prepackaged food items such as cheese boards and snack plates, locally made soda and other non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, we plan to partner with local restaurants to provide menus and delivery options for our customers to enjoy food options from each of our wonderful local establishments. Our goal is to support local businesses, including restaurants, not compete with them. 

Our current Zoning Bylaws are directed towards larger manufacturers and restaurants, allowing only for a Brewery with Ancillary Food Service in the Central Business District, and the proposed amendment for Farmer Brewery was written to encourage growth of smaller entities without the need for food service, and expand the special permit to include Business, Central Business and Health Care/Industrial Districts.

Many, many years ago, taverns and taprooms were community meeting places. They were the heart and the lifeblood for community activism and cultural development. I strongly believe that the growing resurgence of small, community based brewery (and winery) taprooms is a direct result of people’s desire to come back together as communities, fostering relationships with one another, and connecting directly with local manufacturers. 

Help support the growth of local businesses by voting in favor of Article S-5 Zoning Use Table Amendment at the special town meeting on May 15, 2017, and encourage your friends to do the same. I would be happy to provide additional information at your request and may be reached at 781-706-6125 or by email at


Allen Quinn, Town Resident and Business Owner


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