ALL GROWLERS YOU BUY FROM OUR SHOP ARE YOURS to keep. We do not offers refunds or returns on growlers.

Due to limitations on the types and sizes of bottles we are able to fill, and regardless of state law allowing for fills on unbranded growlers, we will only fill Amory’s Tomb Brewing Co. branded, or blank, 32 fl.oz. Boston Round style dark brown glass growlers.

Growler fills are available during our normal business hours on Wednesdays, and during limited retail-only hours on Sundays between noon and 4pm.

Growlers must be cleaned prior to filling, and we reserve the right to reject those that have not been properly cleaned. We are not able to clean yours for you.


Due to how they are packaged and stored, growlers have a limited shelf-life once filled. Please consume fresh (within 7 days of filling), and store cold in your fridge until you are ready to enjoy.

Once open, please consume in one sitting, and do not continue to store. Opened growlers will lose carbonation rather quickly, even if resealed.

Once you have finished, immediately rinse with hot water and leave open to dry. A closed growler can become moldy or pick up unwanted odors if left with moisture on the inside.

If you accidentally leave a growler with beer in it, and it becomes dirty, you may try using a drop of Dawn type dish soap and bottle brush, or Growler Cleaning Tabs. Please be sure to rinse well after cleaning, as residue leftover from cleaners may lead to poor foam retention and lend to a loss of carbonation in the glass, as well as potential off-flavors from the cleaning aid.